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7TILL8 Warranty Policy 

Every one of our wetsuits is custom built with the most care and we stand behind everything we create. We don't have a set length of warranty because with every custom wetsuit we will try our very best to fix and repair for as long as the wetsuit can be repaired. It's our duty to make you happy and if your 7TILL8 wetsuit needs repair to get many more years of usage we will gladly fix and return free of charge.

Wetsuit Care Guidelines

1. Rinse thoroughly in fresh water after use to wash away any sand or debris.
2. Fold at the waist and hang dry out of direct sun.
3. When dry, store away in a cool shaded area away from direct sun. 
4. Repeat after each session to extend the life of your wetsuit.

Alterations For 7TILL8 Wetsuits

Every wetsuit we build is specific to your specifications. If for any reason the wetsuit does not fit we will alter, remake and do everything humanly possible to make sure it fits the way a 7TILL8 wetsuit should fit. If a 7TILL8 wetsuit does not meet your expectations follow the instructions below to begin the alterations process.

Instructions On Getting The Wetsuit To Us

Ship to:
7TILL8 Repairs and Alterations
14710 S. Maple Ave.
Gardena, CA 90248

Include in your package:
1. Contact information - Name, Email, Telephone Number
2. Order number
3. Detail message on what needs to be corrected or altered. (A customer representative will contact you if more details are needed)

We will ship back your wetsuit after completion. Repairs and alterations take 1-2 weeks to complete and shipped back to your location promptly.


Every wetsuit we build is specific to the owner and we take cautious steps to make sure we get the most accurate measurements. We cannot resell or restock custom wetsuits and will not refund the cost of the wetsuit. We will take the necessary steps to remake and alter the wetsuit to meet customer satisfaction. 


Warranty FAQ

My wetsuit doesn't fit what should I do?

Whether it was our measurement errors or yours we will make sure to take care of you. Simply send the wetsuit back to us with a description of the issues included in the package. Contact info@7till8.com or call (310)283-9440 to speak to a customer representative for additional support. We are always happy to assist with any issues.

My seam busted and can't use the wetsuit what do I do?

Seams and zippers break every so often, especially if you are using the wetsuit consistently. We want you to put your wetsuit to great use and our craftsmen are standing by to make sure they can replace or fix any issues whether it was your fault or ours. Simply send back and we will do everything possible to fix your wetsuit.

How long is the warranty policy good for?

We do not have a length of warranty period because depending on the usage of the wetsuit they can all break down differently. We will continue to repair your wetsuit as long as it can be repaired. We have a dedicated team that focuses on alterations and repairs so you can get the most use out of your wetsuit no matter how many times you have used your wetsuit. 

Your warranty policy is good but what if you can't repair it any longer?

We use the best materials and construction techniques to bring you the best quality wetsuit. There is a point in time when your wetsuit can not be repaired any longer. When your wetsuit is past its repairable life we must provide the right burial service and dispose of your wetsuit correctly. We invite you to attend your custom wetsuit's funeral and hope to suit you up in a new one for many more pleasant experiences to come.

My dog chewed my wetsuit up and now it's in shambles, should I feed the rest of it to the dog?

Do not feed any animals your wetsuit! This has happened several times where an animal got to our customer's wetsuits. If the wetsuit can be repaired we will do so. Send back and we will take care of the rest. 

I gained or lost some weight and need my wetsuit altered. Where can I get it altered?

We will alter any of our customer's wetsuits at a very low cost. Simply contact info@7till8.com or call (310)283-9440 and we will listen carefully to the changes you would like to make and implement those changes in 1-2 weeks. 

How long does it take to repair or alter a wetsuit?

It takes approximately 10 days to finish an alteration or repair. Typical times frames are 1-2 weeks upon receiving of the wetsuit. 


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