The softest
stretchiest entry

Made with Japanese limestone neoprene

The raddest holiday
gift card set

Comes with a koozy

Designed for flexibility

Tailored for a perfect fit

Custom Tailored Wetsuits Made From Japanese Limestone

We've combined custom tailoring with the highest quality Yamamoto limestone rubber to create a wetsuit that helps you perform at your very best. 

Made from
100% Limestone

Yamamoto Neoprene: premium lightweight rubber
A Rad Holiday Gift Card
A Rad Holiday Gift Card
A Rad Holiday Gift Card
A Rad Holiday Gift Card

A Rad Holiday Gift Card

Regular price $50.00

Give the gift of custom to that special ocean lover in your life with our Rad Holiday Gift Card Set. Each one includes a printed gift card, measuring tape, 7TILL8 sticker, and the Rad Aloha Koozy made from limestone neoprene (beer not included). 

  • Free US Shipping. Ships in 1-3 business days.  
  • Peace & Shakas illustration by Kevin Butler of Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards
  • Gift Set includes:
    • Rad Aloha Koozy made from Yamamoto limestone neoprene. Designed to fit a 23 oz. bottle. 
    • Printed gift card for personzliation 
    • Measuring tape 
    • 7TILL8 Peace & Shakas sticker 

To redeem a gift card, please enter gift card code at checkout. A digital copy of the gift card will be sent to the purchaser. Gift cards do not expire. 

Don't see the amount you're looking for? E-mail and we can provide further assistance.

Surf Wetsuits

Wetsuit Thickness
58°- 68° 2/2mm 14.4°- 20°
55°- 62° 3/2mm 12.7°- 17°
53°- 60° 3/3mm 11.6°- 16°
49°- 56° 4/3mm 9.4°- 14°
47° and below 5/4mm 8.3° and below
45° and below 5/5mm 7.2° and below

Dive Wetsuits
Fahrenheit Wetsuit Thickness Celsius
58°- 68° 2/2mm 14.5°- 20°
55°- 62° 3/2mm 13°- 17°
53°- 60° 3/3mm 11.5°- 16°
49°- 56° 4/3mm 9.5°- 14°
58°- 63° 4/4mm 14.5°- 17°
57°- 63° 5/4mm 14°- 17°
55°- 58° 5/5mm 13°- 14°
57°- 61° 6/5mm 13.5°- 16°
54°- 60° 7/6mm 12°- 15°
Low 50's 7/7mm 10° and up

How It Works

Use the online measuring portal to easily submit your measurements from anywhere in the world. Our video tutorial will guide you to measure yourself in 15 minutes.  

How to Measure

A Pretty Sweet Warranty

We offer free seam repairs and custom alterations to allow your wetsuit the longest life possible. Send it back in and we'll fix it for you free of charge.  

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