A Wetsuit in a Different League

A custom wetsuit made only for you
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for warm water surfing

The Summer Uniform

For long days and even longer sessions in the sun


How to Go Custom

1. Build Your Wetsuit

Select your preferred wetsuit style and then customize the entry, color, and thickness. 

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2. Perfect Your Fit

Going custom only takes 20 minutes. Submit measurements online or in person at the 7TILL8 Studio. 

Going Custom is Easy

3. Get Stoked

We've got you covered with free alterations and repairs on all custom wetsuits.

+ Free US shipping. 

Best Warranty Ever

lighter, warmer, softer

Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene

Widely regarded as the premier neoprene, it feels like butter on the skin with unparalleled performance. It's the best that money can buy.


Don't Take Our Word For It


Once you try these wetsuit (and I admit I was skeptical in the beginning) you get hooked and cannot wear anything else for your surfing session.

Nicola R.

Surfer / Vincenza, Italy


The suit fits PERFECTLY. The construction seems to be flawless. I took a chance on the Yamamoto neoprene - this is more expensive than my normal custom 7mm suits that I have gotten in the past. Glad I did. It is stretchier than normal wetsuit neoprene. Easy to get on and off. And I am impressed with the stitching and the seams, This should last a long time.

Michael Z.

Diver / Long Beach, CA


I live in Socal and surf about 4 times a week. I owned the 3/2 wetsuit for a year and half now and it's almost as good as new. That is insane. Any other wetsuit would have fallen apart by now.

Guy S.

Surfer / Clemente, CA


I've been surfing for almost 20 years now. I've had a 7till8 wetsuit for a bit over a year now. I love it. The wetsuit has held up incredibly well considering the amount I take it out. All the seams are still in good shape, the neoprene is still as flexible as the first day, and the fit is unparalleled.

Sean L

Aliso Viejo, CA


Rather than sharing a review of a brand new 7till8 wetsuit, I prefer to do it after 6months, when you see the real performance.

Generally, the neoprene shows no sign of collapse or volume reduction, which is different to the off the shelf brand. No sign in weakness at the joint, stich, and zippers. About 50∼80dives and the knee reinforcement is extremely strong


Diver / Banten, Indonesia