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Customer Support Representative (Part - Time)
Alterations and Repairs Specialist (Part - Time)





Customer Support Representative (Part - Time)


For the past 3 years, 7TILL8 Wetsuits has built and delivered the most premium custom tailored wetsuits for surfers and divers. Through the e-commerce store ( and studio space in Torrance, CA, customers can order and receive a quality bespoke product from anywhere in the world. 

Our Customer Support Representative is critical in ensuring a great experience for each customer that comes through our doors (online and in-person). For that reason, we are searching for a highly skilled representative who take surfing seriously and can deliver a thorough and thoughtful experience to each one of our customers.

What the Job Entails

You will be working in our Torrance-based studio space and help approximately 10 customers a day. Your job is to provide an incredible and individual customer experience and to exceed customer expectations through our various communication channels, which include our online CRM system, phone, and in-person walk-ins. Please highlight your experience in each of these communication channels. 

Hours can vary depending on the day of the week and scheduled customer appointments. Normal business hours are 10am - 5pm PST. Please ask about typical working hours when submitting your application and resume. 

Light duty fulfillment and shipping will also be part of the customer experience, but guidelines and thorough training will be provided for successful execution.

What You Need To Be Successful At This Job

We want someone at 7TILL8 who understands the surf market and products as it is imperative to guide our customers towards finding the right wetsuit that will suit them best. While your surfing skill level does not matter, please provide us with your favorite surf break and your homebreak. We also have a small audience of specialized divers and this role will require basic knowledge of scuba. Training and information can be provided for candidates that do not have any knowledge with the dive industry. 

We prefer candidates with at least three years of customer service experience, specifically in the e-commerce industry. However, we are willing to make exceptions for candidates who clearly demonstrate a passion for this work. We are also looking for someone who is exceptionally organized, can learn quickly, and will fit in with our diverse team. Please provide references or experience that can show the level of your detail and organizational skills.

Having a college degree is a plus at 7TILL8, but is not required. If you do not have a Bachelor's degree, please provide references for work experience that can show your work experience matches or exceeds the requirements of a Bachelor's degree.  


The Customer Support Representative is a part-time position. Standard hours are issued on a weekly basis with additional hours required during peak seasons. Wages range from $16-$20 an hour and will be dependent on experience. 

The team at 7TILL8 puts a lot of emphasis on how well our customers are treated and this role will expand within the customer support department. We are looking for a skilled customer support representative that can deliver a unique and satisfying experience for each person that is seeking a custom-tailored wetsuit. 

Please submit your resume to and a hiring manager will reach out for next steps if criteria are met.





Alterations and Repairs Specialist (Part - Time)  

7TILL8 takes pride in offering their customers a world class warranty policy. If any of our custom-tailored wetsuits can be repaired or altered, we will do it free of charge for our customers.

Since alterations and repairs are a big part in extending the life of a wetsuit, a proper repair and/or alteration needs to meet the quality of a factory finished product for customer satisfaction.  

The Alterations and Repairs Specialist will be responsible for fully altering and/or repairing the wetsuit from from start to finish.

What the Job Entails

The Alterations and Repairs Specialist is a highly skilled position that requires close attention to detail and the knowledge and experience of using a wide range of sewing machines and garment construction. 

It is not necessary for the candidate to have skills in wetsuit alterations and/or repairs as an extensive one month training program will allow the candidate to learn the process. For candidates that do not have experience working with wetsuits, the training program will serve as a probationary period to learn the skills and requirements to be a successful candidate.

Skills and Experience Required:

  • Skilled in multitude of sewing machines (Blindstitch, Straight Stitch, Bar-tack machines - 5 years minimum experience). 
  • Demonstrates basic level experience of fabric cutting experience basic level (1 year)
  • Basic pattern knowledge of draping and seam construction awareness
  • Basic computer skills - communicating through project management system
  • Please provide work experience and explanation of knowledge in alterations and or sewing machine experience.

Hours and Compensation:

This is a varied part time employment opportunity. Wetsuits are seasonal and work can vary throughout the year. 

Scheduling will always be provided week prior and hourly wages will vary depending on level of experience.   

Please email with a resume and brief description of what you are a good fit for this position.