Custom Wetsuits Made For the Individual

Our goal is to create a wetsuit in a different league.

A wetsuit that is too tight restricts movement and a loose-fitting wetsuit invites in freezing water. A perfect fit wetsuit ensures range of motion and longer time in the water.

When considering the necessary factors in the ultimate wetsuit, we knew that a custom-tailored wetsuit made from Yamamoto neoprene was the only way to go.  


Fit Over Everything

We take 16 measurements from each person and make each wetsuit to order to ensure a proper fit.

A wetsuit that is too tight restricts movement and a loose-fitting wetsuit invites freezing water in. A perfect fit wetsuit ensures maximum warmth and range of motion, which means longer time in the water.  

Lasts Seasons, Not Sessions

In addition to using the best Yamamoto #40 neoprene, we blind stitch and double glue all our seams to ensure the strongest bond between seams.

We also offer seam repair and alterations for the life of each wetsuit to help bring you as the most value.

Timeless Design

Each wetsuits is designed with a polished aesthetic in mind. Our wetsuits feature large panels and reduced seam lines to increase stretch and durability in crucial areas like the shoulders, chest, and back.

Every aspect of our wetsuits is thoughtfully considered in order to give you a wetsuit that has everything you need and nothing you don't. 

rubber in a different league

Yamamoto #40 Limestone Neoprene


True Thickness

Investing in the Rubber


Increased Longevity

Detailed Construction

Wetsuits are constructed by sewing together neoprene panels and gluing over the seams with tape to protect water from coming through. 

We sew our wetsuits using a blind stitch technique, in which the needle does not go all the way through the neoprene and helps water proof the stitch. All of our wetsuits are taped by hand and double glued over all the seams, not just critical stress points like the crotch.