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The Perfect Fit

Each 7TILL8 Wetsuit is made for performance, quality, and designed specifically for each customer.

We considered all the necessary factors in a wetsuit - warmth, comfort, and a perfect fit - and decided that custom was the only way to go.  

From surfing to diving we got you covered for all conditions.

Fit Over Everything

Fit Over Everything

Want to perform at your best? A perfect fit wetsuit ensures maximum warmth and range of motion.

No Frills No Chills

No Frills No Chills

A tight fitting wetsuit restricts movement and a loose fitting wetsuit invites freezing water in. Custom fit solves both issues.

Stay in the Water Longer

Stay in the Water Longer

Our tailored custom design puts less stress on seams and zippers, giving you a durable wetsuit that last sessions to come.




Extremely durable Japanese Premium limestone-based neoprene and materials.

Lightweight Performance
The Premium Yamamoto limestone-based neoprene exhibits extremely durable stretch properties and is 99.7% water impermeable. For ultimate performance and comfort.

Increased Longevity
Yamamoto neoprene has perfect uniform independent closed micro-cell structure, which holds the wetsuit shape better and longer. Yamamoto neoprene has 93% closed cell content, compared to 60% in other neoprenes.

Stay Warmer Longer
Each cell in the rubber is filled with nitrogen gas, which exhibits the ultimate thermal insulation and heat retention properties. These capsules of nitrogen will harness your body’s heat and hold a layer of warmth close to your body at all times.



The Premium SAFA Collection features all Yamamoto Neoprene.


A soft stretchy internal liner that provides warmth and coverage, while staying lighter than other common materials.

Superior Heat Retention Properties
Flare Fleece utilizes the heat retention properties of polypropylene to contain your body’s heat when you need it most. With a low specific gravity of 0.90-.91 gm/cm3, the polypropylene fibers in Flare Fleece provide more warmth and coverage while staying lighter than other common materials.

Stay Dry
Flare Fleece has been lab tested to only absorb 0.3% of water after 24 hours of submersion, due to the hydrophobic nature of the fleece. Polypropylene fibers repel bacteria, mold, and mildew, keeping your wetsuit fresh before each session. The fibers absorb hardly any water, so the dimensions don’t change when wet.


Flare Fleece

Designed to help any surfer and diver stay warm longer, the flare fleece lining is available in the surf BOOST Collection and FLEX Dive Fullsuit.


Delivers optimal insulation and resists compression at deep depths, without sacrificing performance.

Stay Protected
As water pressure increases when you travel deeper into the water, the cells in your wetsuit start to compress and lose their shape. These cells capture nitrogen bubbles that are responsible for heating your body and with repeated pressure abuse, they start to degrade. Our DeePrene neoprene fights this phenomenon, delivering optimal insulation and performance without worry.

Standard neoprene typically starts to compress at a depth of 50 feet, but our DeePrene is designed to hold its shape past those depths. DeePrene also rebounds back to its original shape for maximum insulation dive after dive.






Your body is like your thumbprint; no body is the same and no wetsuit should be either.

First, we ditched the assembly line. We opt for expert craftsmen, who carefully design and hand build each wetsuit using premium stretch Japanese wetsuit materials. We work closely with each customer to learn where they are struggling in the water to create a custom wetsuit that will improve their experience.

Let a 7TILL8 Custom Wetsuit expert guide you through our custom wetsuit process and to learn more about how your next custom wetsuit will improve your performance and comfort in the water. 


Handcrafted Optimal Design

7TILL8 Wetsuit Design Features:


Large Panel Design

Large Panel Design

Other wetsuits use more seams and smaller panels to get the most out of their material yield, but they trade off performance by causing seam tension. Our wetsuits are designed with large panels to maximize durability and stretch.

Strategic Seam Lines

Strategic Seam Lines

We reduced the amount of seam lines to free up the shoulders, the chest, and the back. Strategic seam placement maximizes durability and movement.

Hand Gluing

Hand Gluing

We hand glue everything to ensure the strongest bond between our seams. Others may cut corners by using machines to glue while our craftsmen ensure each seam is double glued by hand.

Handcrafted Optimal Design


Our custom pattern technology creates precise patterns for each one of our customers. Although we build everything by hand, our online measuring process allows us to make custom wetsuits accessible to anyone in the world.

Video instructions will teach you how to measure the 12 different points on your body. Submit as you go and one of our pattern makers will review your measurements to make sure there are no errors. Don’t worry; we always reach out to the customer if we see a mistake.

With an online measuring system, there is no need to make a trip to the tailor. All you need is a buddy and a measuring tape.

The result is a wetsuit that uses luxury materials, custom fit, and priced competitively. Whether you’re a surfer or diver, we’ve got you covered.


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