Why Custom?

Our goal is of creating an exceptional wetsuit made with the highest quality materials and designed specifically for each customer. 

We considered all the necessary factors in the ultimate wetsuit - warmth, comfort, and a perfect fit - and decided that a custom-tailored wetsuit made from Yamamoto neoprene was the only way to go.  

Fit Over Everything

We believe in helping each customer maximize their time and experience in the water.

A tight-fitting wetsuit restricts movement and a loose-fitting wetsuit invites freezing water in. A perfect fit wetsuit ensures maximum warmth and range of motion. 

Extraordinary Design

We create a bespoke wetsuit for each customer using custom pattern technology.

Each wetsuits is designed with large panels and reduced seam lines to increase stretch and durability in crucial areas like the shoulders, chest, and back.

Built to Last

We double glue everything by hand to ensure the strongest bond between our seams. 

In addition, we offer seam repair and alterations to help bring you as the most value to your wetsuit. 


Yamamoto #40

Increased Longevity

Yamamoto limestone neoprene has perfect uniform independent closed micro-cell structure, which holds the wetsuit shape better and longer. Yamamoto neoprene has 93% closed cell content, compared to 60% in other neoprenes.

limestone neoprene sourced from

The Yamamoto Corporation