What is Yamamoto Neoprene?

For ultimate performance and comfort, our customers always choose Yamamoto neoprene. 

The Premium Yamamoto limestone-based neoprene exhibits extremely durable stretch properties and is 99.7% water impermeable. Yamamoto neoprene has perfect uniform independent closed micro-cell structure, which holds the wetsuit shape better and longer. Yamamoto neoprene also has 93% closed cell content, compared to 60% in other neoprenes.


We've recently made upgrades to our best selling neoprene with the all new titanium alpha II neoprene by Yamamoto. The special titanium liner captures heat and keeps you much warmer than conventional neoprene. We use only the best #39 neoprene, a specific rubber that is specificaly made for stretch and is light in weight. 


Video created by steven fish.


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