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Los Angeles, CA, February 7, 2017 – 7TILL8 Custom Wetsuits is set to officially launch its brand in Q1 2017, continuing to offer premium custom wetsuit products and accessories. Carrying on the 3-year success of its first-of-its-kind bespoke wetsuit algorithm as Carapace Custom Wetsuits, the rebrand represents a re-focus to creating the perfect high performance wetsuit.

We launched 7TILL8 to create the perfect wetsuit for each owner and named it after ‘glass-off’, the ideal time to enter the ocean,” said 7TILL8 Founder Andrew Park. “We want each owner to enjoy their experience in the water and to maximize their potential without distraction.”

By using an online DIY measuring portal and direct to consumer model, 7TILL8 is able to offer its customers a bespoke wetsuit that combines luxury materials and a tailored fit at a price that is competitive with top of the line wetsuit brands.   
7TILL8 soft launched in November 2016 through a collaboration with Red Bull Media House and Ian Walsh’s “Distance Between Dreams”. To help the big wave surfer redefine the “rideable” wave, 7TILL8 created a Yamamoto Chest Zip spring suit that was molded to his body with impact vest and inflatable PFD. Such a collaboration is an example of what audiences can expect to see from 7TILL8 in the coming year.

In 2017, 7TILL8 Custom Wetsuits is excited to unveil new custom product offerings unlike anything currently available in the market. 7TILL8 represents a dedication to creating the perfect fit custom wetsuit for the surf & dive community.


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