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Having the right fitting wetsuit is one of the most crucial components to staying warm in the water and performing to your best abilities. But what happens when you can't find that right fit? 

We saw a problem with the standard size wetsuit industry limiting their sizes. So to solve that problem we set out and developed technology that will enable us to create custom fitting wetsuits at an affordable price. We recruited experts from the wetsuit and fashion industry and created 7TILL8 Custom Wetsuits. We are dedicated to each customer to create a unique wetsuit exact to their measurements.  

Submit measurements using our video guide, and in 2-3 weeks we'll build and ship to your home. A handcrafted custom wetsuit delivered straight to your doorstep.

So do you think you're a plus size surfer or diver? We custom made some of the biggest wetsuits. Try former Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball player who stands at 7'2 and weighs 280 lbs. He might be one of the largest stand-up paddlers in Los Angeles.

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How we got started

Mike Chavez Custom Wetsuit Design

How are we able to create custom made wetsuits at our price point? It doesn't make sense for someone to pay a premium for a plus size wetsuit. We were determined to offer custom wetsuits at prices similar to off the rack prices. We set out to recruit the brightest and most experienced professionals in the industry to create technology and a manufacturing process that will cut our costs even when we're building each wetsuit one by one.

Mark Malinski former GM/VP of Bodyglove, Mike Chavez former lead wetsuit designer for Quiksilver, and CAD technologists from the men's tailored suit industry joined our team to create our proprietary custom-fit pattern technology.

By creating a friendly online experience with easy measuring instructions gives us the ability to understand your body and create a wetsuit custom made specific to you. Our custom pattern making technology that automatically creates precise patterns within seconds (traditional free hand patterns take up to 3 hours to complete) saves us time in production. We also work directly with each customer and ship to their home allowing us to cut out the middle man passing those savings onto you. Whether you are a plus size, small, or a performance driven surfer our custom tailored wetsuits will unlock your potential in the water.

What we stand for

Plus Size Wetuits

We do things differently at 7TILL8 Wetsuits. We noticed in the surf and dive industry customers are becoming more and more distant from the companies they are purchasing from. We were eager to build a community that shares the same passions for the ocean and to share their experiences in the water with us. We are proud to say that we have a direct line of communication with each one of our customers. 

As the diving and surfing market expands we have to be responsible for providing knowledge for newcomers for them to learn properly and to respect the ocean preserving it for many generations to come. We maintain this relationship with our customers by providing the best service possible and more importantly listening to what our customer wants and needs are.

For additional information our company.

Please check us out here and check out the custom fit wetsuit line!


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  • Monica

    Finally, someone who makes plus size wetsuit apparel.
    If I order tomorrow 11/26/2018, what are the chances of getting it to Las Vegas, NV by December 05, 2018?

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