How to Stay Warm in Cold Waters This Winter

It's that time of the year when temperatures drop and an ocean lover's dedication to the water is truly tested. Surfing and diving in cold water environments is no easy feat and require additional care compared to warm water environments.


Stay warm in the water with 7TILL8

To help you get out in the water this season, here are three tips on staying warm longer from the 7TILL8 community:

  1. To prep for the shock of the initial brain-freezing plunge, we like to bring along a thermos of hot coffee or ginger tea for that walk of pain into the ocean. Both caffeine and ginger get the blood flowing and encourage us to get in and stay in.

  2. For our friends that are used to moderate or warm environments, we tell them to keep their heads covered with a wetsuit hood and boots. A wetsuit that fits your body properly will also help protect you from water flushing in.

  3. We trained ourselves acclimatize to cold weather by exposing ourselves more. It reduces our "set point" (the point at which you respond to cold) and increases brown fat (which consumes calories and releases energy as heat).

Got any other tips on staying warm this season? Shoot us a note below and let us know. We want to encourage everyone to get into the water.

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